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Review Article

Year: 2021 |Volume: 2 | Issue: 05 |Pages: 8-14


About Author

Gacche A.M.1 , Sheikh Yusuf M2 , Borkar B.E3

1PG.(Sch.) Department of Rachana Sharir, Government Ayurved College, Nagpur

2Associate Professor , Department of Rachana Sharir, Government Ayurved College, Nagpur

3Professor & HODDepartment of Rachana Sharir, Government Ayurved College, Nagpur

Correspondence Address:

Dr.Amrapali M. Gacche (MD Anatomy) Department Of Rachana Sharir, Government Ayurved College And Hospital, Nagpur,440024. Email- (Contant no-8208694055)

Date of Acceptance: 2021-05-10

Date of Publication:2021-06-04


Source of Support: NIL

Conflict of Interest: NIL

How To Cite This Article: Gacche A.M.,Sheikh Yusuf M., Borkar B.E. A Critical Review Study on concept of Kshipra Marma W.S.R. to Urdhvashakha. Int. J Ind. Med. 2021;2(5):8-14


: Ayurveda is a practical science of life with its principles universally applicable to everyone for daily existence. The concept of marma is also one such unique principle of ayurveda. Marma is considered as the vital point in the body where mamsa, sira, snayu, asthi, sandhi along with prana resides. Marmas have been classified into different categories based on the location,  pramaana and effect on injury. Knowledge about marma is also important in surgical procedures like agnikarma, ksharakarma & shastrakarma. It helps to perform these procedures without complication. In case of any trauma, also for understanding the possible anatomical structures affected and possible deformities which can be produced, the knowledge about marma is essential. Understanding marma is very important in clinical practice of Ayurveda. From the surgical point of view there is need to study through knowledge of Kshipra marma. The Kshipra marma is one among the Urdhva-shakhagata marma. It is the Kalantarapranhara marma as per prognostic classification (sometimes as Sadhyopranhara) and Snayu marma as per structural classification. It is present between Angushtha and Anguli. This review will give a complete summary of Kshipra marma regarding its location, structural entity. After collecting from different ancient book and cadaveric observation, the site of marma and best treatment available at that time, but now it is necessary to explore this knowledge based on modern medical science to contribute highest in this field.

Keywords: Marma, Kshipramarma, Snayu, Kalantarapranhara marma.




Issue: 05

Volume: 2 (2021): Month - 06

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