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Year: 2022 |Volume: 3 | Issue: 03 |Pages: 1-4

Relevance of Diwaswap in Metabolic Disorders

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Deshmukh S.H.1 , Waghulade H2

11. Associate Professor, Dept. of Kriya Sharir, RJS Ayurved Medical College Hospital Kopargaon, Ahmednagar.

22. Professor and HOD, Dept of Kriya Sharir, Dr. DY Patil University School of Ayurveda,Navi Mumbai Maharashtra

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Dr.Swati Hemkant Deshmukh, Associate Professor Dept of Kriya Sharir RJS Ayurved Medical College Hospital Kopargaon, Ahmednagar Maharashtra Email:

Date of Acceptance: 2022-03-15

Date of Publication:2022-04-23


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How To Cite This Article: Deshmukh S H., Waghulade H. Relevance of Diwaswap in Metabolic Disorders. Int J Ind Med 2022;3(3):1-4


Background: Sleep is said to be crucial component of human life which plays key role for the maintenance of good health and well-being of the individual. In ayurvedic science ahar,nidra and brahmacharya are named as trayopstambha by which human life is maintained in equilibrium. This further suggests that sleep has its own significance in maintaining harmony among dhosh, dhatu and mala for good health. For the safe guard of mental, physical and social health adequate sleep is must. However, daytime sleeping i.e., diwaswap may be serious concern for good health. It is not that inadequate sleep at night alone, but also excessive daytime sleep i.e., diwaswap with exception of grishma rutu may increase the probability of different metabolic disorders. Various aurveda acharyas have mentioned few symptoms and diseases as the side effect of the diwaswap. It is said to be an abnormality and as such one who sleeps in daytime become more prone of wickedness and elevation of doshas. It seems that agnidhushti and aannavahstrotas dushti are the outcomes of diwaswap, which further leads to various metabolic abnormalities such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular events, mortality, stroke, hyperlipidaemia, myocardial infarcts, mood disorder etc. So, it has been proved that behavioral change in daily routine is needed to overcome these conditions and to improve quality of life. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on role of diwaswap in metabolic disorders and increase awareness of sleep-in health and disease.

Keywords: Nidra, diwaswap, metabolic disorders




Issue: 03

Volume: 3 (2022): Month - 04

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