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Year: 2022 |Volume: 3 | Issue: 05 |Pages: 13-20

An appraisal on relation of Agni and Ahara Parinamakar Bhavas.

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Chougule A.R.1

1Associate Professor , Dept of Samhita Siddhant Rashtrsant Janardan Swami Ayurved college and research center, Kopargaon

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Dr Archana Rahul Chougule Associate Professor , Dept of Samhita Siddhant Rashtrsant Janardan Swami Ayurved college and research center, kokamthan, Kopargaon. Email: Mob: 8446681980

Date of Acceptance: 2022-05-18

Date of Publication:2022-06-15


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How To Cite This Article: Shweta A. Redasani, Vivek S. Chandurkar. Ayurvedic Management of Bahupitta Kamala W.S.R. Hepatocellular Jaundice- A Case Report. Int J Ind Med 2022;3(4):13-20


According to Ayurvedic medicine, the state of one's health is solely determined by Dosha, Dhatu, Mala, and Agni. One of the most essential features among them is Agni. Agni is associated with digestive fire, which is primarily responsible for digestion and metabolism. The primary forms of Agni are Jatharagni, Dhatwagni, and Bhutagni, which cause metabolic transformations (Ahara paka) and offer nutrients to the body through these metabolic transformations of consumed foods. If the creation of Ahara paka is disrupted owing to an insufficient digestive fire (Agni Dushti), aberrant physiological functioning may result. Agni Dushti can result in Doshas, Dhatus, and Malas Dushti, which can cause a variety of clinical symptoms. The components involved for digestion and metabolism of ingested food are known as Ahara Parinamakar Bhavas. Ushma, Vayu, Kleda, Sneha, Kala, and Samyog are the six of them. Each of them has a distinct role in the digestive process. Food that is adequately digested and metabolised aids in the nourishment of the Dhatus. Improper digestion is caused by the absence or deficiency of any of these Ahara Parinamakar Bhavas.

Keywords: Agni, Agnidushti, Ahara Parinamakar Bhavas, Jatharagni, Dhatwagni, Bhutagni.




Issue: 05

Volume: 3 (2022): Month - 06

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