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Year: 2022 |Volume: 3 | Issue: 05 |Pages: 21-25


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Ide Prakash1 , Tambe S2

1Associate Professor, Dept. of Rachana Sharir,Mandsaur institute of Ayurved education & research, Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh

22. Professor, Dept. of Roganidan and vikruiti vidyan,Mandsaur institute of Ayurved Education & Research, Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh.

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Dr.Prakash Ide, Associate Professor, Dept. of Rachana Sharir Mandsaur institute of Ayurved Education & Research, Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh. Email: Mob: 8208271006.

Date of Acceptance: 2022-05-11

Date of Publication:2022-06-15


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How To Cite This Article: Ide Prakash, Tambe S. Anatomical Study Of Prushthagata Marma W.S.R. To Amsa Marma. Int J Ind Med 2022;3(4):21-25


Background: Marmas1 are the most sensitive & vital areas in our body. which, if injured lead to pain, deformity & even death occurs immediately or sometimes later. Sushruta samhita gives detail description of marmas, mainly in the chapter-six  of Sharirsthana, Pratyeka Marma Nirdesh Sharir. Acharya Sushruta, has mentioned one hundred & seven marmas  in our body, which further divided into five classes depending upon their structure, such as mamsa, sira, snayu, asthi and sandhi marma. There are 27 Snayu Marmas.  Amsa2 marma is one among them. The shoulder joint is most mobile joint in the body  The shoulder injuries like rotator cuff tear, Frozen shoulder, dislocation of shoulder etc are common now a days. For example, the group of muscles and tendons in the shoulder is known as the rotator3 or musculotendinous cuff. The trauma or injury to roatator cuff shows immobility of shoulder (Bahustabdhata).So we can say that trauma or injury to the region of amsa marma shows above said lakshana. Materials & Methods: This is the literary study & References and data about Amsa marma is collected from various Ayurvedic and modern texts. From Brihatrayis and Laghutrayis and other classical books Results: The study for Amsa marma is done with the help of both Ayurvedic and Modern texts. By this study, Predominantly the structures falling under the shoulder and scapular region are mostly affected due to trauma to Amsa marma. It is finally observed that the main structures found at this region are ligaments of Acromioclavicular & glenohumeral joint, Trapezius muscle, Rotator cuff & spine of scapula.

Keywords: Amsa marma, stabdhabahuta, vaikalyakara, snayu & ligaments




Issue: 05

Volume: 3 (2022): Month - 06

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