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Review Article

Year: 2022 |Volume: 3 | Issue: 10 |Pages: 10-16


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Ghute H.N.1 , Ramteke R.2 , Thokal D.3

1PG Scholar,Department of Kaumarbhritya , Shri Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur.

2Guide & Asso. Professor ,Department of Kaumarbhritya , Shri Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur.

3Asso. Professor & Dept. of HOD Department of Kaumarbhritya , Shri Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur.

Correspondence Address:

Dr.Harshada.N.Ghute PG Scholar, Department of Kaumarbhritya, Shri Ayurved Mahavidyalaya Nagpur Phone no. 9284232042, Email id:

Date of Acceptance: 2022-11-03

Date of Publication:2022-11-29


Source of Support: Nil

Conflict of Interest: None declared

How To Cite This Article: Ghute H.N, Ramteke R. Thokal D. Role of Suvarnaprashan in Paediatric Care. Int J Ind Med 2022;3(10):10-16


Introduction: Suvarna prashan sanskar is an immune-modulatory technique that has very much importance in the Ayurveda context. Nowadays as an immunization program, Suvarna prashan is done on every pushy nakshatra in the morning. Suvarna prashan is the oral administration of an electuary containing Swarna bhasma (gold) mixed with honey, ghee, and some herbal medicines. If Suvarna prashan is administrated for one month child will become very intelligent and will increase memory power if it is continued for six months. According to Kashyapacharya, the most contributing factor to the normal immune functioning of the body include Agni (digestive factor), Ahara (food), Nidra (sleep), Vyayama (physical activity /exercise), Satva (mental stability), and Rasayana (rejuvenators).

Materials and Methods: Various Ayurveda classics and Research studies published in journals related to Ayurveda Suvarna prashan are reviewed and analyzed. The result was reviewed from published articles and Ayurvedic text. Suvarna prashan showed changes in IgG levels. Regular doses of Suvarna prashan improve a child’s intellect, sharpness, grasping power, and analysis power. Suvarna prashan improves a child’s Agni, Kshudha, skin glow, and physical and mental development. It also prevents the child from various allergies and teething phase ailments. Discussion: As per different studies and literature, the Result of observation shows that the efficacy of Suvarna prashan can be administrated in all children. No adverse effects and it acts at the level of nutrition, metabolism, physical strength, growth, and development. Reduces anxiety, aggressiveness, and irritability and also helps the child with autism, Attention deficient disorder. Thus, we can use Suvarna prashan as an effective medicine to maintain the general health of children to promote weight gain.


Keywords: Ayurveda,Agni,Satwa, Immunomodulatory, Suvarna prashan.




Issue: 10

Volume: 3 (2022): Month - 11

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