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Review Article

Year: 2023 |Volume: 4 | Issue: 02 |Pages: 16-20

Systemic Review and Analysis of Research on Obesity (Sthoulya).

About Author

Pawar A.1 , Kulkarni P.2 , Gogate V.3 , Dongare P.4

1PG Scholar, Dept. of Kayachikitsa, GACH Nanded.

2Assistant Professor, Dept. of Kayachikitsa, GACH Nanded.

3Associate Professor, Dept of Kayachikitsa, GACH Nanded.

4Professor, Dept of Kayachikitsa, GACH Nanded.

Correspondence Address:

Vd.Apeksha Prakash Pawar PG Scholar, Dept. Of Kayachikitsa, GACH Nanded. Email:

Date of Acceptance: 2023-02-02

Date of Publication:2023-02-15


Source of Support: Nill

Conflict of Interest: None declared

How To Cite This Article: Pawar A., Kulkarni P., Gogate V., Dongare P. Systemic Review and Analysis of Research on Obesity (Sthoulya). J Ind Med 2023;4(2):16-20


 In 21st Century, With its Continuous Changing Lifestyles, Environmental and Dietary Habits have made man the victim of many Diseases. Sthoulya is one of them and it affects Someones Social, Physical and Mental features. Obesity is a common metabolic disorder. It occurs due to vitiation of Kapha and Vata. Frequent and increased intake of food which increases Kapha and Medodhatu. it is a chronic disease, Prevalent in both developed and developing countries. As obesity not only reduces life span of an individual but also lead to life threatening complications like Stroke, Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD). Sthoulya vyadhi explained by Acharya Charaka in Santarpanjanya Vyadhi and it is considered as one of the Ashtoninditiya Purusha. The actual Pathology in Sthoulya Patient is due to Obstruction of all Strotasas by Meda, There is Vriddhi of Koshtasthita Saman Vayu which in turn causes Atisandhukshana of Jatharagni leads to Rapid consumption of food. Acharya Charaka has Prescribed Apatarpana Chikitsa as the main Chikitsa of Sthoulya. Lekhana is the treatment which can removed abnormally increased Sama Medodhatu. Pathya Apathya and Lifestyle Modification play important role in the management of Obesity. In modern science there is Appetite Suppressant, Lipid reducing drug and surgical procedures are also available but they have more sideeffect and limitations also so there is need of treatment modality with fewer Sideeffect. Prevention of this condition is the need of the hour. So here an attempt has been made to analyze the research work about to manage Obesity(Sthoulya). In this Article Systemic Review of 4 Research ( held at Government Ayurved college and Hospital Nanded) had been carried out.

Keywords: Sthoulya, Obesity, Rukshana, Lifestyle Disorder.




Issue: 02

Volume: 4 (2023): Month - 02

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