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Review Article

Year: 2020 |Volume: 1 | Issue: 8 |Pages: 282-298

Critical Study of Ayurvedokta Ratnas (Gem Stones) Advised as Graha Shanti Measures for Graha Rogas in Jyotish Science

About Author

Subhash D. Waghe1 , Mrs. Y.V. Rajyalakshmi Rao2

1HOD – Dept. of Roga Nidana & Vikruti Vigyana, Jupiter Ayurvedic College, Nagpur, India

2M.A., M.Phill., Ph.D (Scholar – Vedang Jyotish), Kavi Kulguru Kalidas Sanskrit, Vishwavidyalaya, Ramtek

Correspondence Address:

Dr. Subhash D. Waghe, M.D.(Roga Nidana) HOD – Dept. of Roga Nidana & Vikruti Vigyana Jupiter Ayurvedic College, Nagpur – 441 108 E-mail – (contact no. 7038000648)

Date of Acceptance: 2020-11-11

Date of Publication:2020-12-01


Source of Support: NIL

Conflict of Interest: NIL

How To Cite This Article: Waghe S.D, Y.V. Rajyalakshmi Rao. Critical Study of Ayurvedokta Ratnas (Gem Stones) Advised as Graha Shanti Measures for Graha Rogas in Jyotish Science. Int. J Ind. Med. 2020;1(8):282-298


Ayurvedic acharyas are of the view that when diseases does not get cured with conventional measures, one has to think about the sinful bad deeds done by the patient (Karma Vipak siddhanta) or Graha rogas (diseases induced by malefic planets), then patient has to perform the ‘shantividhana’ in the form of Ratana dana (donation of gemstones) or Ratna dharana (wearing gemstones), Ratnena Devata Archana (worship of God with gems) etc as a part of Daiva Vyapashraya Chikitsa. Jyotish science had also suggested various remedial measures in the form of wearing of  gemstones for alleviating the particular diseases indicated by that particular Graha. The Jyotish science had suggested wearing of some gemstones to overcome the malefic effects of these planets. For Surya (Sun) – Manikya (Ruby), Chandra (Moon) – Mauktika (Pearl), Mangala (Mars) – Prawal (Coral), Budha (Mercury) – Taksharya (Emerald) , Guru (Jupiter) -  Pushparaga (Topaz), Shukra (Venus) – Hiraka (Diamond) , Shani (Saturn) – Neelam (Blue sapphire), Rahu (Dragon’s Head) – Gomeda (Hessoite), Ketu (Dragon’s Tail)  – Vaidurya (Cat’s eye stone). It is observed that the gemstones suggested in Jyotish science have the medicinal properties to alleviate the diseases indicated by malefic planets. Hence, it is concluded that gemstones (Ratnas) can be used as remedy for graha rogas under Daiva Vyapashraya Chikitsa indicated by Ayurvedic acharyas.

Keywords: Graharogas, Ratna, Mani, prawal, Gomeda




Issue: 8

Volume: 1 (2020): Month - 12

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