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Review Article

Year: 2020 |Volume: 1 | Issue: 9 |Pages: 339-350

Review of Rasoushadhis [Herbo-mineral Preparations] for Haemorrhoids

About Author

Ahalya S1 , Mamatha S2 , Sathish HS3

1Principal, Government Ayurvedic Medical College, Bangalore, Karnataka

2MD[Ayu], Ayurvedic Practitioner, Sir M Vishweshara Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka

3Professor, TMAE’s Ayurvedic Medical College, Shimoga, Karnataka.

Correspondence Address:

Dr. Ahalya S Principal, Government Ayurvedic Medical College, Bangalore, Karnataka Email:

Date of Acceptance: 2020-12-23

Date of Publication:2020-11-07


Source of Support: NIL

Conflict of Interest: NIL

How To Cite This Article: Ahalya S, Mamatha S, Sathish HS. Review of Rasoushadhis [Herbo-mineral Preparations] for Haemorrhoids. Int. J Ind. Med. 2020;1(9):339-350


In the clinical practice we usually come across with the patients suffering with Arhsas requesting for non surgical conservative management of the disease. There are various forms of conservative management, yet the oral medication tops the list of preferences. Ayurveda proposes numerous oral medications comprising of both herbs and herbo mineral preparations [Rasoushadhi]. This review study details the rasoushadhis documented in six treatises of Ayurveda and found 38 preparations listed in them were studied.

Keywords: Rasoushadhi, Arsha, Bheshaja




Issue: 9

Volume: 1 (2020): Month - 01

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