International Journal of Indian Medicine

ISSN: 0000-0000

Year: 2021 |Volume: 2 | Issue: 02

. The study of co-relation between Raktasarata and Medha with reference to to Intelligence quotient (IQ).

About Author

Umale A S1 , Sahu Preeti2 , Meshram R M3 , Hange D4 , Bawankar R5

1Associate Professor , Dept of Kriya Sharir Jupiter Ayurveda Medical College, Nagpur

2Professor & HOD, Dept of Samhita Sidhhant, Jupiter Ayurveda Medical College, Nagpur

3Professor & HOD, Dept of Shalya Tantra Dept Rajeev Gandhi Ayurved Collage, Bhopal

4Assistant Professor, Department of Rog nidan, Government Ayurvedic college, Nagpur

5Associate Professor and HOD, Department of Rasshastra & Bhaishajya kalpana ASPM Ayurveda college, Buldhana

Date of Acceptance: 2021-02-18

Date of Publication:2021-03-01

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Dr Anand S Umale Associate Professor , Dept of Kriya Sharir Jupiter Ayurveda Medical College, Nagpur. Email:

Keywords: Raktasarata, Medha, Dosha, Dhatu,Sarata, Dashvidh Pariksha.

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Background: Acharya charaka had advocated about eight types of sara pariksha specialy meant for ‘Balaman Dhyanarth of Dhatu’. The features of Raktasarata includes Tamra Snigdha Varna Karna, Akshi,Mukh,Jivha, Nasa, Osta,Panital, Padtal , Nakh, Lalat and Mehan. Objectives: To validate the corelation of Raktsara and Medha(intellectual) according to Ayurveda. To evaluate the intellectual capacity with relation to Raktsarata. Methods: Healthy individuals of age group between 20-40 years were selected. Selected individual was assessed for Raktasarata and Intelligence quotient (IQ) of each person was drawn out by applying Culture fair test Scale 2 form ‘A’. Results & conclusion: Medha can be co-related with intelligence as the functions of Medha  and intelligence are same. Intelligence quotient (IQ) is related with type of Raktasarata the person has.