International Journal of Indian Medicine

ISSN: 0000-0000

Year: 2020 |Volume: 1 | Issue: 7

Scientific writing method of Synopsis for Post Graduates students.

About Author

Dr. Danga S.K1 , Dr.Gulhane C.M2

1MD(Kayachikitsa), MPH, PGDMLS, PDCR, MEFI, MCRI, Nagpur (India)

2MD(Kayachikitsa), MPH, PGDMLS, PDCR, MEFI, MCRI, Nagpur (India)

Date of Acceptance: 2020-10-30

Date of Publication:2020-11-02

Correspondence Address:

Dr. Danga S.K. MD(Kayachikitsa), MPH, PGDMLS, PDCR, MEFI, MCRI, Nagpur (India)

Keywords: Synopsis, Thesis, Proposal, Ethics, Novel, research methodology

Source of Support: NIL

Conflict of Interest: NIL


Synopsis or a protocol is a written document that describes how a study can be implemented. Synopsis design may prefer based on study types like Descriptive, Experimental, case control, cohort, Analytical, Study of diagnostic accuracy), Literary Study, Animal Experiments, Mixed methods. Any students admitted in post graduates (M.D./M.S.) or post-doctoral course like Ph.D. need to submit a research proposal also called as ‘protocol’ to the university. Once synopsis is written appropriately as laid guidelines by university, it must be present before ethical Committee of the concern institute. Format of synopsis having various components like title, introduction, objectives, methodology, statistical analysis, case record form and inform consent etc. Research study should be interesting, novel to researchers, mentor and scientific community as well as general populations. There is need to focus many aspects while conducting a good research. Recently universities have started a training program on research methodology. Such program can help in improving knowledge about scientific understanding of research methods.